Discover the best hidden gems of this awesome country with us

Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world because of its beauty, its history, its varied landscape encompassing mountains, hills, lakes, rivers, sunny beaches and beautiful valleys. With its many marvellous spots Italy makes millions of people's dreams come true.  Among the most stunning hidden gems are many places which are not so well known but are really beautiful and they are worth a visit.

We can recommend a few.

Procida CorricelleProcida island, Campania
Procida is a tiny island of the bay of Naples, one of the jewels to discover at you own pace with our top rated qualified guides. 
This colored little island is of volcanic origins so the sandy beaches are black.  Greek people were living here already during the Bronze Age so Procida has a very long story to tell. Characterized by small villages and beautiful little beachs, Procida is still an island off the beaten path. The main city is formed by narrow lanes flanked by pastel-painted homes, little churches,  stepped alleyways leading to the houses of people or to hidden small piazzas where man sitting outside typical bars play cards or discuss about politics or beautiful women. The highest peak of this flat island is Terra Murata where the castle and the beautiful Saint Michael church are. From the terraces of the church the view on the bay of Naples is really stunning.
This full day tour will give customers an opportunity to spend a special day in an island which became famous all over the world for the film Il Postino or the famous novel Graziella, written by Alphone de Lamartine.

Castelluccio di Norcia Castelluccio di Norcia, Umbria
A half day tour to relax in Castelluccio, which is a small village, some 30 kilometers away from Norcia, located on the top of a hill, some 1400 meters above the sea level. Castelluccio is one of the highest villages of the Appennine and it is surrounded by an amazing mountain landscape. The best time to visit Castelluccio di Norcia is spring when the fields around the hill become all colored due to the blooming of thousands of different varieties of flowers. Castelluccio is known for its special lentils which grow on the surrounding plateau. Together with daffodiles and myriads of other flowers the area becomes an attraction that is an excellent destination for nature lovers.

Ravello Ravello, Campania
Built on the edge of a rocky spur at the top of the Amalfi coast  Ravello is one of the hidden gems of Italy. The ancient centre developed along two main streets lined with elegant gardens and villas with their beautiful terraces overlooking the gulf of Salerno and offering some of the best views on the Amalfi coast. A full day tour is just sufficient to visit the amazing villas that made Ravello famous all over the world.
Villa Rufolo with its beautiful terrace on the coast, its gardens always embellished by different varieties of flowers and the famous tower which inspired Richard Wagner's
Villa Cimbrone with its magnificent Terrace of the Infinity and marble statues which embellish its wide garden.
The cathedral is also very famous for its beautiful interiors. A stroll in the centre of the city with its narrow streets flanked by many ancient buildings will give an opportunity to relax while looking at the numerous ceramic artisans shops and wine shops.

Ariccia Ariccia, Lazio
Not far away from Rome there are the pictoresque Alban hills. The town centre of Ariccia is lined with many restaurants specializing in the famous Ariccia porchetta (pork) which is sold all over Italy.
This full day tour starts from the long bridge which offers a beautiful view of the valley underneath and takes tourists to the town centre.
Here it is possible to visit the beautiful Chigi Palace, a masterpiece of baroque art made by the famous artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The gardens of this amazing villa are worth a visit. The Chigi palace was the dwelling of the Chigi papal family.

Tropea Tropea, Calabria
Perched on a sheer cliff above the sea, Tropea is one of the most beautiful gems of the Tyrrenian sea. With its white sandy beaches it is a seaside resort renowned all over the world. This half day tour will give customers an opportunity to visit the ancient town centre which  hosts beautiful grand palaces embellished with majestic portals, and many churches which are worth a visit. The Norman Duomo, the cathedral which was built during the XII century, is still decorated with marble sarcophagi and it hosts a beautiful painting representing the Madonna di Romania, the protector of the city. From the city centre, following the main street, it is possible to reach the famous terraces which offer a dramatic view over the beaches underneath.

Savoca Savoca, Sicily

The medieval village of Savoca, perched on a rocky hill and surrounded by almond trees, is famous all over the world for the film Il padrino (The Godfather) interpreted by Marlon Brando which was filmed here in 1971.
This half day tour will give customers the occasion to visit its historic centre which is very interesting as it still keeps reminiscences of the film, like the famous bar Vitelli. This typical bar, still open nowadays, keeps the original door, many pictures of the film and the famous lupara shotguns.

Florence and the Oltrarno

This half day tour is a wonderful opportunity to get to know one of the most authentic parts of the town. The Oltrarno is the area of Florence where most of the artisans shops are.
Customers will also visit the splendid church of Santo Spirito originally planned by the famous Brunelleschi.

LucignanoLucignano, Tuscany

Lucignano is an elliptical-shaped medieval village in the Val di Chiana area, in the province of Arezzo. Close to the beautiful town of Siena, the small city became famous for a Gothic jewel known as the Golden Tree of Love which seals the promises of love made by lovers.
This half day tour to the little village
takes customers to visit the two main areas which once formed the town, the one with very beautiful Renaissance buildings inhabited by rich families and the other where only poor people were living.
The visit to the fortress and to the Madonna della Quercia sanctuary, which dates back to 1568 and it is attributed to Giorgio Vasari, is included in the tour.

Rocca AldobrandescaSuvereto, Livorno, Tuscany

Known for the production of the famous Val di Cornia Suvereto Doc wine, the small medieval village of Suvereto is facing the Etruscan coast and it is close to the Cornia river, an area which is also known for the beautiful Mediterranean typical vegetation and Neapoleonic era monuments.
Customers will visit the centre of the small town which is a maze of narrow cobblestone streets flanked by many beautiful ancient buildings, cloisters and little churches.

This half day tour is ideal for those customers who would like to taste a good wine and enjoy an amazing guided tour.

Palazzo FarneseCaprarola, Lazio

This little village, in the province of Viterbo, is well known for the famous pentagon-shaped Farnese Palace, a building which was originally built like a fortress for Cardinal Alessandro Farnese who became lately one of the most powerful popes, Paul III. The Farnese family was a rich and powerful family who is also known for the incredible amount of artifacts that form one of the greatest arts collections in the world.
This half day tour takes customers to visit the Farnese palace which is still well decorated with frescoes and its helical beautiful staircase, known as the scala regia, which takes to the upper floor divided into two different flats, the winter apartment and the summer apartment. Very beautiful are the gardens surrounding the palace and the hunting lodge.