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" There is no reality more beautiful than that
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Tita GilibertoLucia LazicVincenzo NeriFiamma PassarelliElena PetrioliMaria SanninoSamuele SocciAngela MaggipintoSonia BrunaFiore PagottoCristina VeronaAlessandra Di Mauro

Our group of qualified tourist guides was born on a social network where we all met after sharing the same ideas about one of the most important issues: the high quality standards of our tours. Although we lived in different areas of Italy, each with their own arts, history and culture, we noticed that we were all sharing the same goal: to make our guests get the best out of each place. So we decided to meet in Naples and share a meal while discussing a project to create a fabulous team of very professional and passionate qualified tourist guides who would offer the same quality standards to our customers visiting Italy.

The qualified tourist guides who are part of this special team are all extremely knowledgeable and informative but, at the same time, they are friendly and fun, they are passionate about their jobs which they perform enthusiastically,  they love connecting with other people and they are fantastic with kids, so that everybody can enjoy an amazing tour of Italy and feel at home.

Here is a profile of each of us:

Maria Sannino (Campania)

Maria SanninoHi, I am a professional tourist guide with more than 15 years experience leading tours in the Campania region, Southern Italy.
I have been working with the major tour operators and travel agents from all over the world, since 2002. I  lead groups and individuals in Japanese, English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. I have a degree in languages but I love archaeology, arts and history. Besides all the classic tours of the entire region, I also offer off the beaten track tours and mystery tours in one of the most amazing places on earth: the ancient town of Naples.
I would be delighted to take You around my area for a memorable tour.

Please contact me at:
Phone +39 3393982433 
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Tita Giliberto (Sicily)

My name is Tita Giliberto and I'm a qualified tourist guide. I am a  native Sicilian, born and grown up between the lava stones of the Cyclops riviera.
I love tour guiding and sharing the Sicilian way of living.
With my passion for this wonderful land I will let you discover every single hidden secret rich in art, history and nature in this island full of light.

Please contact me at:
Licensed guide n620Sicily
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Lucia Lazic (Tuscany)

Lucia Lazic
Official Tourist Guide Florence & District    Italiano, English, Spanish, Hrvatski, Srpski, Portuguese
I was not born in Tuscany, but rather in another World Heritage location, in Dubrovnik, a maritime city-state across the Adriatic sea, which had many dealing with Tuscany throughout its millenary history. Thus, I too, was marked by the unique atmosphere of a very beautiful town, full of historical monuments and art treasures. It was therefore inevitable that I should want to see the World Capital of Art and the crib of Western Civilization as we know it, and certainly not surprising that I should elect to settle and live in it. Before coming to Florence I have spent several years between London, Germany and Spain, studying various subjects. Being particularly interested in History, History of Religion and Anthropology, I have chosen to complete my education in Florence studying its history. Nowadays my favorite and most fascinating subject is to research and explore how art adapts to social changes with the passage of time. Florence inspires endlessly, and in so many ways. Florence has changed my life, and I am grateful for every emotion that its riches and its beauty, its refined elegance and its unique spirit have given me over the past twenty years. I wish that everyone would experience the love for Florence the way I do.

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Vincenzo Neri (Tuscany)
Vincenzo Neri                  
Come and burn  some Florence  pavement! Letís discover Florence on foot together!
Iím Vincenzo, territorial and licensed Tourist Guide, expert of Florence and surroundings.  
Walking is a great way to see this global city and the best way to get accurate information and enthusiasm of its astonishing past and inviting  present.
The idea is to give you a taster of what is what and where it is and leave you with a feeling of a city that still  blows its trumpets, never forgetting you are first of all visitors and guests on holiday and relax rather than simply touch and go tourists..
What did the Romans do for us?  Well, 2,000 years ago they founded Florentia on the site that now encompasses the City of Florence, the world's historical centre, UNESCO  site and open air museum with a spectacular scenery on alive history, arts and architecture. 
A few hours walking tour will lead you past the Medieval sites and where Renaissance was born as well as through the capital city of the Medici Grand Dukes during the three hundred years period of the Grand duchy of Tuscany.
You will see the effects on the city of the Kingdom and unification of Italy in the XIX century.
It also will lead you through the two main sites: the religious and the political one as well as through the "where it was as it was"  area  reconstructed after the important damages suffered by german mines in 1944.  A suitable way of touring the city which will offer you the opportunity of tasting the alive past combined with unique sightseeings, and also the chance of getting advice on where delicious and tempting local flavors, food and wine can be tasted at your own leisure. It will surely make you feel you're experiencing your time in town as part of its history and spirit.

Please contact me at:

Fiamma Passarelli (Lazio)

Fiamma PassarelliAVE!
My name is Fiamma, I work as a Qualified Tourist Guide of Rome and Environs and Qualified Tour Manager since the year 1992, and after so many years Rome is still fascinating me!
What do I love in my profession? It is simple: I love enjoying the wonder in my guests' eyes while I'm talking about the art and the history of the Eternal City, through my words, they live the glory of the ancient days or they feel all the magnificence of the Renaissance when Michelangelo and Raphael were working to make Rome resurrecting even more beautiful and powerful.
So as I would say: follow me! Your experience in Rome is starting!

Please contact me at:

Elena Petrioli (Tuscany)

Elena Petrioli I am a professional tourist guide in Florence since 1998 and I lead large or small groups and families through the city and its surroundings.

Beside of the most popular tours, I love to arrange historical and thematic itineraries about the medieval town and the famous Medici family.
Since 2013 I am also the President of the Association See Florence, founded with some colleagues to promote local cultural events.

Please contact me at:    
Telephone: +39 3478005930

Samuele  Socci (Tuscany)

Samuele Socci Licensed tourist guide for Florence and surroundings in English, Spanish and Italian.
I think that touring a city must be an absolute and unique pleasure, not a boring or disappointing experience.
A city is not only a bunch of dates and information, but a living being that involves the five senses, so its art, its food, its traditions, its Music, its culture. are all equally important.
My aim is to let you have a memorable and fulfilling experience in Florence. hoping that you will come back to enjoy more of it!

Please contact me at:

Angela Maggipinto (Apulia)

HI!!! Let me introduce myself: I am Angela your Qualified Tourist Guide in Puglia, and a tour director. I have been doing this job for 20 years! I speak Italian, as mother tongue, then French, English and German, fluently. I love foreign languages, that is why I am a Tourist guide. I am a cheerful, dynamic person; I like my job, because it allows me to be in contact with many people. Sharing the beauty of my land with my guests and seeing the amazement in their eyes makes me happy and proud of having done a great job. Actually being a guide is in my DNA, I cannot consider it as a job but a real passion. I love the art, the culture, the traditions of my land, aspects that only a local guide can convey to visitors. Have a look at my profile and website. Please contact me for your next trip to Puglia at:
Cell. 3396182528

Elisa Bruna (Piedmont)

My name is Elisa Bruna, I work in Turin as an English speaking guide. Back in 1996, when I got my tour guide license, I was convinced that Turin (Torino in Italian) would be an emerging tourist destination. It wasnít easy, because at that time, Torino was only perceived as a dull industrial city.
Today, everybody (or almost!) knows that Turin is an impressive city of elegant charm and surprising treasures.
Imagine that ĄLonely Planet Best in Travelď, which reveals its annual list of the best travel destinations to visit, listed Piedmont on the first place of the Top 10 regions for the year 2019 !
A dream has finally come true...
Please contact me
Phone number: +393356822669

Fiorella Pagotto (Veneto)

I was born and I grew up in Venice and after a degree in tourism I worked as a tour leader guiding my clients to discover the most important Italian cities. Then I passed my degree in Art and architecture in the Venetian University C√  Foscari, studying venetian art and history and finally I passed my examination as tourist guide of Venice.  Every day I feel enthusiastic with my job, meeting my visitors and other cultures. I am very flexible and adapt my visit to my guestsí specific interests and preferences. I am also child-friendly, so many of my guests are families, small groups or students.   As independent art historian I do historical research in the venetian archives on original documents, my studies are dedicated in particular to venetian artists and merchants of the 16th and 17th Century, so my tours can give you a different and more curious point of view on the History and life in Venice, today and in the past.  I live in Murano, the glass island, with my family. I like music, traveling, good food and pets. I have also a long experience in organizing trip to Venice, so I am glad when I can give suggestions to my guests to organize better their vacation in the city!              
Contact :

telephone :  0039 348 444 21 50

Cristina Verona
Cristina Verona
Hi, I was born in Verona and after my university studies I worked for several years in Mantua, Vicenza and Lake Garda, always in the field of tourism. Having successfully passed the examination to become an official guide of Verona, lake Garda and its region in year 2000 I settled down in Verona and I then widened my territorial skills to the surrounding areas like Mantua and Vicenza. Since then I have been passionately telling the wonders of these cities. My love for art history, archaeology and history in general led me to follow courses in Roman and Byzantine studies for about twenty years, which ended with cultural training visits all over the Mediterranean. This gave me the desire to share with visitors the heritage of my city Verona and the others where I lived. These are three minor Italian cities. I suggest you to spend one night and one day in each of these cities.
Donít rush, enjoy art, food, wine, smells, at every corner youíll discover something!

For good suggestion you can also find me on
You can contact me at
Mobile +39 3484614461

Alessandra Di Mauro (Apulia)
Alessandra Di

My name is Alessandra Di Mauro and I'm an Archaeologist and a licensed Tourist Guide with regular license on the whole territory of Apulia and Basilicata. I chose to be a Tourist Guide because I love to share and make others fall in love with my territory. I constantly update myself because I believe that you never stop learning. I always create new itineraries satisfying the curiosity of those I have the pleasure to lead. I offer my services to individuals, families, organized groups and school groups.

I speak French, English and Italian.
Please contact me at :
Phone +39 3491669491
Instagram: apuliawiththeguide - en
lespouillesaveclaguide -fr
lapugliaconlaguida -it

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