The region of Apulia is famous for its 800 km of uncontaminated beaches that alternate between fine golden sand, cliffs and caves. Apulia is the easternmost region of Italy and Punta Palascia near Otranto is the easternmost point of the country just 80 km from Albania. Apulia is composed of micro-areas that have unique and different characteristics. This magical land will be pleased to welcome you with landscapes, art, history and folklore that will leave you with unique emotions. Each guided tour of the region is planned to combine a visit to the most famous cultural centers with the natural beauties unknown to many; you will not miss the discovery of small villages where you can still breathe an authentic atmosphere, the discovery of local gastronomy and craft traditions.

We have a very efficient team of qualified tourist guides in Apulia who would be happy to take you around their wonderful region.

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